The company

Invescap welcomes you

In this major era of globalization, many investment opportunities now offer appealing alternatives to existing investment portfolios. The financial industry is undergoing an extraordinary transformation which enables increased diversification, optimized and stabilized investment returns as well as reduced overall risk of an investment portfolio.

Invescap is a key player in the financial industry and is renowned for designing, engineering and distributing best of class financial solutions globally.

These solutions proposed are now available to qualified investors exclusively through Invescap and we are honoured to provide our clients with the means to achieve their investment objectives.


The Founder

Dr. Marc-André Pépin PhD, CFA, CAIA, MBA, ING, Esq., Chief Executive Officer and founder of Invescap, has more than 25 years of experience in providing active management and advice for investment portfolios, drawing extensively on investment solutions aimed at generating high yielding and sustainable investment returns, mitigating overall risk as well as improving diversification.

Dr. Pépin has gained extensive international experience in London and New York with JP Morgan as well as in Zurich and Geneva in Switzerland with LGT, Credit Suisse Group and RVM.